Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Professional Volunteers (W6:D3)

For the past two months, the mainly volunteer cast and crew of FIREPROOF have been working diligently and prayerfully to create a movie that not only is entertaining, but that will make an impact on marriages.

“It’s a wonderful group of people to work with,” says David Nixon, the Orlando-based assistant director on both FIREPROOF and FACING THE GIANTS. “The level of professionalism by the volunteers on the set has gone up exponentially from Giants. It’s like working with a professional crew. They come to the set prepared and know what to do.”

We talked to a few of the Sherwood volunteer-professionals to get their take on FIREPROOF.

“I went to boot camp not knowing where I could help. I prayed that Lord would use me wherever He wanted me and He has. We just joined the church in September so I wanted to get involved to meet people. I’ve made a lot of very close friends. I can’t wait until we start the next movie!”

Mandy Chambers

“We get to serve meals and clean up afterwards. We’re all put here to serve God and serve one another. I’ve enjoyed it so much because of the fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s been wonderful.”
Wayne Holt
“I’ve had the opportunity to do just about everything. I even got to yell ‘Action!’ on my birthday! I love all of the behind-the-scenes stuff: everybody coming together and praying for everybody else, the friendships I have made.”
Pam Johnson

“I’m basically everyone’s momma. I get to love on everyone. My biggest prayer is that marriages that don’t know they’re in trouble will be touched by this movie.”
Diane Morgan