Thursday, November 1, 2007

And ... Action! (Week 1, Day 1)

Welcome to Albany, Georgia—the home of Sherwood Pictures and the setting for their newest film, FIREPROOF! Set for release only in theatres in fall of 2008, FIREPROOF began shooting in Albany in October.

The creative minds that brought you FACING THE GIANTS and FLYWHEEL are now hard at work filming their most ambitions movie to date. Telling the story of the failing marriage of fireman Caleb Holt and his wife Catherine, FIREPROOF will bring a unique perspective on marriage to the big screen.

And we’re here to bring you a unique perspective of what’s going on behind the scenes. With photos, stories, and reports, we will keep you updated with news straight from the set.

Thanks for joining us on this new adventure that we like to call the FIREPROOF BLOG!
Catherine and Caleb Holt argue in their kitchen in this scene from FIREPROOF.