Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A House-Warming Gift (W3:D2)

Scenes from the movie FIREPROOF needed to be shot in the “home” of the main characters, Caleb and Catherine Holt. So, where do you find a house to use as a set?

Bill Butler, a member of Sherwood, offered a spec home on Ivy Lane that his company—Ray Lloyd Realty and Construction—had built and was trying to sell.

“I told them if they needed a location, we had a few houses available. We’re glad to do it. Everybody helps out doing their part,” Bill says. “The house they chose had been on the market for a while. But we had an open house the Sunday before we began shooting here and we found a buyer. They wanted the house in 30 days, but we told them they couldn’t have it until the end of November.”

The new homeowners will see their house on the big screen come next autumn when FIREPROOF opens in theatres around the country.

“It’s really exciting,” Bill says. “We’re blessed that our church in Albany, Georgia is touching people all around the world by making movies.”By the way … Bill Butler knows a little something about the power of Sherwood movies. He played the appreciative father that buys a truck for Coach Grant Taylor in FACING THE GIANTS.