Friday, November 30, 2007

Kendricks Unite (W4:D5)

FIREPROOF may be the third movie by the Kendrick Brothers, but it is the first film to feature set visits from Alex and Stephen Kendrick’s mother, father, and older brother.

Rhonwyn and Larry Kendrick, who visited the set Monday and Tuesday, appear as extras in the wedding scene that was filmed Tuesday. Older brother Shannon was on set Thursday and Friday, helping younger brother Alex direct and youngest brother Stephen produce.

“Seeing them in action on the set—I’m impressed. They have my respect, that’s for sure,” Shannon says. “They’ve got a lot of help to pull this off. The thing that impresses me is not only the great job the professionals on the set do, but also the great work of the volunteers.”

Work and family have kept Shannon from being on either the FLYWHEEL or the FACING THE GIANTS sets. In addition to being a husband and dad to five kids, he is a software developer for IBM.

“When we were kids, we made movies. But while they stuck with it, I went off to play with my computer and ride motorcycles,” Shannon says. “Alex thinks big picture; I think little details.”

Little details like the weather almost cost the Kendricks’ parents their opportunity to be in the movie. Rain postponed the wedding scene from Monday until Tuesday and the Kendricks had planned to return home to Mableton, Georgia after Monday’s filming. They altered their plans … and experienced moviemaking first hand.

“On the set, they asked me if I’d like to yell ‘Action!’ When they were ready, I said, ‘Action, please,’” says Mrs. Kendrick. “When they finished, I was able to say, ‘Cut!’ It was just wonderful being here, seeing how the Lord has brought different people together. He has drawn people with the talents that are needed to make a movie.”

Larry Kendrick, who was the inspiration for the faith-filled character of Larry Childers in FACING THE GIANTS, enjoyed watching his sons in action.

“I keep thinking, ‘How did they learn to do that?’” he says. “I’m very grateful for how the Lord is using them.”