Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wedding Day (W4:D2)

What would a movie about marriage be without a wedding? While Tuesdays aren’t normal wedding days, it worked extremely well as the cast and crew of FIREPROOF enjoyed an outdoor wedding setting.

Guests were dressed to the nines for the wedding of … well, we don’t want to give away the heart of the movie. But we can tell you it was a perfect autumn day for a ceremony that was officiated by … well, we shouldn’t tell you that either.

So what can we tell you? How about the heart of the people involved in the scene. A number of church members spent the better part of their day on set as wedding crowd extras. The wedding was filmed at the scenic home of a couple from Sherwood.

Two professional camera operators came in from Florida to help with today’s shots … and to pay respect to their late friend Chip Monk. Dave Campbell operated a Steadicam, while Doug Kuiken operated a camera on a jib.

“These are great professionals,” says David Nixon, the assistant director. “They honored Chip by their work.”

Their camera work wasn't the only artistic offerings at the wedding scene.

“One day after church, a man walks up to me and says, ‘I’ve driven from Atlanta to visit the church that made FACING THE GIANTS. I love the Lord and want to honor him with my life. If you are ever shooting a wedding scene in a future movie, I have wedding arches that I designed and built that I rent out. If you need one, it is yours to use for free. I’ll even drive it down for you. Just say the word,’” says producer Stephen Kendrick. “I was blown away. We hadn’t told anyone that we had this scene in the movie.

“When I checked out his website, I found out that he is an award-winning professional artist with a rich history in woodcarving. What are the chances that exactly what we needed would be offered to us right when we were planning the movie?”

Chances indeed!
Members of the cast of FIREPROOF enjoy a break in the shooting of the wedding scene.