Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Prayer on Center Stage (W3:D3)

Wondering what makes a Sherwood Pictures movie different than other movies? Prayer, prayer, and more prayer.

“Before we write a scene, Alex and I spend time together in prayer,” says Stephen Kendrick, co-writer of FIREPROOF with his brother Alex. “We ask God to give us the biblical principles that set the stage; humor to connect with people; a storyline to resonate with where people are; creative twists; everything we need.”

Prayer is just as important during production. Each day begins with a short Bible study and a time of prayer. And prayer continues throughout the day.

“Whenever we have scenes on the set with a lot of drama and emotion, or if a particular actor is nervous, we have everybody who’s not involved with the scene gather and pray,” says Jim McBride, executive producer of FIREPROOF.

“There was a scene where one of the actors really needed prayer,” adds Curry Bushnell, the lead make-up artist. “We all came together and prayed for strength for her to do the scene. We have that freedom and ability to pray here.”

After all, this is a Sherwood production.

“Prayer is the wind in the sails of this movie,” Stephen says. “We know what prayer can accomplish with a willing and sovereign God is on the other side of our prayers. We can tell a significant difference when we don’t pray and when we do.

“When we don’t pray, it’s like driving with the parking brake on. With prayer, we just fasten our seat belt and hang on.”
FIREPROOF cast members pray before shooting a scene this week.