Monday, November 26, 2007

Rain Check (Week 4, Day 1)

As mom always said, when it rains, go inside.
With their mom and dad in Albany as first-time movie set visitors, the Kendrick Brothers followed every mom’s advice by moving indoors on a rainy day, scrapping a planned day of outdoor shooting.

“We knew the weather was going to be bad, but we’ve seen God change things, so we went out hoping we’d be able to stay with our schedule,” says Stephen Kendrick, the producer of FIREPROOF. “We know God’s plan is always better than ours, so when we saw the rain was going to continue, we moved to the firehouse.”

A number of scenes were filmed featuring the FIREPROOF fire-fighting crew. Before the shooting began, however, the crew busily painted the firehouse kitchen and added photos to the wall to spruce up the room.
“It all came together well,” Stephen says. “Everyone had a great attitude.”