Saturday, November 24, 2007


After an unplanned two-week hiatus, FIREPROOF is back in production. Today starts a three-week run that will wrap up filming for Sherwood Pictures’ third movie.

While moviegoers won’t be able to see the film in theatres until August 2008, we are able to show you images from the set, thanks to Todd Stone. Todd is a gifted photographer who, following a career in photojournalism, opened his own studio in Albany.

“We’ve been members of Sherwood for less than a year,” Todd says. “We knew we were being obedient in coming here, but we didn’t know why. We think we know why now.”

In addition to the photos you see on the blog and the website, Todd’s images will be part of the press material and will be used in helping promote FIREPROOF. Despite the time it takes from his business, he’s honored to be part of the team.

“The thing that I’ve observed is how willing people are to work together. “There are no egos whatsoever, from top to bottom,” Todd says. “I’m trying to keep my clients happy and doing this as well. I’ve come to the place where I say, ‘Lord, please work it out.’”

From our perspective, things are working out nicely!